The Meridian PM

Does my health insurance policy cover oral appliance therapy?

OSA is categorized as a medical condition therefore, coverage will fall under your medical insurance. Most medical insurance offers coverage for oral appliance therapy for the treatment of OSA if you have out-of-network benefits. There are numerous medical insurance plans available and each one varies widely. We work closely with your insurance and make every effort possible to obtain the most reimbursement available in your plan.

Do I have to wear the Meridian PM forever?

There are other factors that play into OSA such as diet and exercise. Most patient reports feeling refreshed upon awakening and more energized. Patients become more inclined to start focusing on their overall health and begin to diet and exercise. This cyclic progression to a healthier you can include minimizing the use of the oral appliance over time. Others continue to wear the appliance forever.

How often do I have to replace the Meridian PM?

Because the Meridian is excellently crafted with the highest biocompatible materials available, the appliance life span is between three to five years.

How do I know the Meridian PM is working?

A follow-up sleep study is indicated in order to determine the effectiveness of the oral appliance. The test results will determine what adjustments that will need to be made to the appliance to achieve the most desirable outcome. We work closely with sleep medicine physicians to help determine the success of the appliance.

Is the Meridian PM comfortable?

Every comfort possibility is taken into consideration when crafting the Meridan PM. The Meridian PM is excellently crafted for each individual to provide the utmost safety and comfort for the patient. Most patients will adjust to wearing the appliance during sleep within two to ten days. The Meridian PM has an upper and lower component that are separated allowing for total freedom of movement.

What are the treatment options for OSA?

If you have been diagnosed with OSA, there are only three treatment options available. The use of a prescribed CPAP machine, custom fitted oral appliance such as the Meridian PM or surgical intervention.

What does oral appliance therapy cost?

Experiencing the Meridian PM difference allows for a comprehensive, all-inclusive program designed specifically for you to treat your OSA. We offer a complimentary consultation appointment. Call and experience the difference.

What is the guarantee that the Meridian PM will work?

There are no guarantees in life but the success rate of oral appliance therapy for the treatment of snoring is in the rage of 85-90% effective. Regarding OSA, the effective rate of oral appliance therapy is dependent of the severity of the apnea. It can rage as high as 80% or greater. Appliance therapy tends to be more effective for mild to moderate OSA but have been successful treating patient diagnosed with severe OSA as well.

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